Adam Day 2021
“Among mankind, all men, women, children and the elderly, by virtue of their relation to Adam, are brothers and sisters, none greater than the other” – Qalandar Baba Aulya (RA)

Join us for Adam Day 2021 on August 10th as we revive this concept of oneness and celebrate unity in diversity.
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The Azeemia Foundation cordially invites you to our annual Adam Day 2021 event, but don't worry, you don't have to travel! We'll bring it's diversity directly to your screen.

Join us on YouTube on the 10th of August at the following international times:

UK Time: 7:00 pm
Moscow Time: 9:00 pm
Toronto Time: 6:00 pm
New York Time: 6:00 pm
Pakistan Time: 11:00 pm
California Time: 11:00 am

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Click here for Adam Day 2021 broadcast on August 10, 2021

See you there!