Adam Day 2019

Keynote by Mr. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be to you all)

The Azeemia Spiritual Order organises gatherings of people from all religious and cultural backgrounds and to present to them the direct source of the spiritual knowledge, which God breathed into Adam, that is the other, hidden or inner aspect of our existence. ‘Human’ is our light form or immortal aspect which distinguishes it from ‘mortal man’ or our material aspect. Unless we are aware of this Human aspect, our soul, our spirit we will not be entitled to our rightful inheritance.

With Gods help and blessings of our elders we started the Adam Day event in 2003. Adam and Eve are our common ancestors, our common base. Adam Day provides an oppurtunity to become aware of the knowledge that leads to peace, comfort and paradise.

Adam Day provides an oppurtunity to become aware of this knowledge. Here we put before people irrespective of religious and cultural backgrounds that despite our diverse racial origins we are brothers and sisters.

May God keep all of you happy and make it possible for us to become one true human community. Special thanks to the dignitaries for honoring us with their presence.

May God bestow peace and blessings upon you all.

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Summary of event

Adam Day 2019 California was held in the city of Dublin. The host Mr. Mudassir Azeemi welcomed the guests and gave an introduction of Adam Day.

The program started with the recitation of passages from Quran, Bible, Torah, and Bhagawad Gita presented by Hamza Azeemi and Nida Azeemi.

The message was love, peace and unity among all religions and school of thoughts of the world.

Mr. Mudassir Azeemi invited Pastor Susan M. Strouse to share her views about Adam Day.

Ms. Strouse said, as I pondered the theme of this year’s Adam Day, how as human beings we move from perception toward manifestation, the first thing I thought of was parables. Parables are, by no means, unique to Christianity. However, Jesus used them a lot as a teaching method. How I think of Jesus is as the fullness of what humanity can be. So his teachings are what inform me in my quest to be as connected to the Divine as he was and to live a Spirit-guided life.

A few weeks ago, our gospel reading was The Parable of the Good Samaritan. The moral of the story is simple: be like the Samaritan. Take care of your neighbor, meaning everyone. But again, we’re challenged to go deeper. For us, the question is: who is the Samaritan to me today;who do I see as my enemy? And it can be different each time you read it. This last time around, what suddenly struck me was that on our list of oxymorons, we could add ‘civil discourse.’ I think most people would agree that we’ve lost the ability to engage in in debate, to argue and disagree, to have conversation that helps find creative solutions instead of becoming paralyzed by our disagreements.

In the days after the election in 2016, there was a lot of talk about how a large segment of our country has felt alienated, their cares and concerns not heard or addressed. It’s often called the red/blue divide, but it’s more complex than that. Not everyone fits into neatly defined categories like liberal/conservative or Democrat/ Republican. Even deeply red states have some blue areas, and blue states have their red. Many congregations today are known as “purple zones” because they include both red and blue members.

In our quest to honor the diversity in which we live, to tear down barriers that separate us, to create peace, we have a lot to learn from one another and from our diverse traditions. I hope that my wandering thoughts as I contemplated what it means to be human and how the parables of Jesus helped me to appreciate the spirit of Adam Day will be a blessing to you as you continue to go ever more deeply into the beauty of your humanity.

Adam Day’s second guest of the day Mr. Raymond Hess took the stage and shared his views with the audience.

How we see things and how our biases can influence us has lot to do with who we are and where we come from.

I see the world from the eyes of a male white, older middle class person. That’s who I am and I have no choice in any of that. That’s the way I came into the world to my parents and other things that nobody asked me about. It definitely influences the way I see people and understand the world. Even though I want to see things differently that still tends to be there because that’s who I am.

We had three very tragic mass shootings recently which has no place in our nation but it impacted the way we see things. We may perceive the world around us because of that with some fear, some anger that people will do things like this. It makes us wonder how things happen the way they do and what we can do about it. All these things affect our perception and the way we see the world and now that we have other issues in this country unfortunately, it impacts the world we perceive around us.

I think our perception has put us in a box. I see things the way I am, and the way I was brought up and its hard to break out of that box and its hard not to see others the way I want to see them. There are a lot of ways that I can categories other people based on their political views or the way they look. The only way I know to break out of the box of perception and bias is love. It sounds very straightforward and simple but to live a life of love is a bit complicated. The only way I know around this and through this particularity when looking at the violence and hatred that exists in our society is love.

Every major religion has some form of golden rule. Jesus said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” All the other forms of this golden rule in other religious traditions gathers the same point “To have the consideration for the other person as I do for myself”. So, if this action hurts me it will also hurt you and be concerned about that.

In the new testament Jesus talks a lot about love. Jesus said “Love each other as I have loved you”. As we do that and treat each other with respect and care for one another we can break out of those biases and missed perceptions about other people and stereotypes and prejudices.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that. We can’t get rid of hatred with more hatred, only love can deal with hatred and In our society right now that is the most important thing to remember.

Adam Day’s third guest of the day Mr. Kevin Pringle expressed his views.

All of Life is sacred by virtue of its Divine Source. Adam Day is a recognition of the common bond that we all share, which is that source. Consciousness is the same within each of us. We all experience doubt, despair, grief, anger, joy, and love. It is the human experience. The symphony of Life. The more we are able to recognize aspects of ourselves in each other, the more we remember that we really are all the same. We are part of one human family, spanning the color spectrum, cultures, religions, and nationalities.

That same source we all share, is what makes all of us one, and what we heal in ourselves, we also heal in the collective consciousness of man. The healing of the world should start close to home. Start with who and what you are. As you work on yourself, and heal what hurts you, or distorts your vision, you will find your own energy frequency changing, increasing in power, and attracting better people, places, things and opportunities into your life.

Everything resonates at different frequencies. Thoughts, words, and deeds. The energy of fear, guilt, and hate, have drastically different energies and power than Joy, Love, and Peace. As we choose those higher frequencies, we become aligned with Truth, and true Power, and we are able to be a very effective Servant of God.

It is known in popular culture as “the Law of Attraction”, but could more accurately be stated as “that which we hold in mind tends to manifest”. We can do a lot to facilitate outcomes by creating an environment for the desired results. We can plant seeds in good soil, and give it water and light, but we cant “cause” it to become anything. The power of creation, manifestation, is always of God. Jesus said “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. The vibration we maintain is like an attractor field that radiates and receives according to its own tuning, which can also be called your Karma.

How much greater our power is when we come together for the common good, in the name of Peace and unity. That collective intention, fueled by the powers of Love, Peace, and Compassion are nearly unstoppable.

We don’t have to necessarily be social activists to be the change we want to see in the world. How many of us do not even know our neighbors? Those whose lives are lived within a stone’s throw of our own, yet we do not know them, or engage with them. Within our own families, how many of us have grudges or broken communication with those that we are genetically linked with?

Jesus said that if we find ourselves at the altar of God, and still have conflict with one of our brothers, to immediately leave and resolve that conflict first. We can’t be Godly, if we are still not fully at peace as human beings.

The three qualities of God are Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. All Powerful, All Knowing, and in All places. All of us have intrinsic worth, power, and a purpose to serve. We are being forged into the most effective tool to serve God, if we allow it. The pain and trials of our lives were the fires that forged us to heal that same pain in others. Be willing to be used by God. All are called, but few listen. That which annoys us or brings us pain, or discomfort is also a great teacher, and can be seen as a huge blessing.

Make those lessons of your life messages of healing and compassion. As people evolve on their path, there are peaks and valleys. Some chapters of our lives are uglier than others. Remember when we see others lashing out at the world, or themselves, that under that, is likely an intense pain, confusion, and fear. That does not mean that we should stand passively by while those with matches in their hand burn the world, but we should also not fight fire with fire, because then the whole world burns.

Trust in God. Trust in the path that has been laid out for you to walk to reach your fullest potential. Trust in yourself, that you have what it takes to be what your fullest potential is, more loving, more peaceful, more helpful.

The nature of God is like the Sun. Not “doing” anything, just being what it is…emanating infinite Light, Life, and Love, at all times. Our negative thoughts and traumas are like the clouds that impede the radiance of the Light from coming forward in its full splendor, but the Light itself is always there.

As we make small changes in how we feel about things, choosing the Lighter energies of acceptance, courage, enthusiasm, and reason, over the lower energies of guilt, shame, desire, and pride; the momentum builds, and the clouds thin out…eventually the light breaks through and engulfs your perception,.and then through Divine Providence: WOOOOSH!!! The Light is all that prevails….It is not something out there to be acquired, it is and has always been, our very source and identity.

Gloria in Excelcis Deo (All Glory To God in The Most High)

Sufi Master Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi addressed the audience in his video message.

The purpose of this program which is organized by Sufi order of Azeemia is to enlighten everyone with the spiritual knowledge, irrespective of religion, color, race and social background. This sacred knowledge of the soul which has been given to Adam by God is hidden from us. The awareness of this knowledge will make us Human and without this knowledge we are just a materialistic body or a shell that we call Man. When we get acquainted with this divine knowledge we will claim our true inheritance.

Adam Day gives us a chance to gain awareness of our true inheritance. Irrespective of our social and geographical backgrounds, religion, color and race we are all the children of the same mother and father, Adam and Eve. Regardless of our religion or race, we all belong to the same family, we are all connected, and we are one. As brothers and sisters in humanity.

Next up was Mr. Arjumand Azeemi who explained to the audience how Perception becomes Manifestation.

According to Hazoor Qalandar Baba Awliya (the founder of Azeemia Sufi Order), the universe
is a point – a mere notion, supposition or assumption of our mind – and this is the very secret which lends the universe its existence. According to the mathematicians, a point has no dimensions – no length, width, depth, area, volume or any other dimensional attribute, it is a mere conception of our mind. This very point travels from mere perception to perception with senses. The image on the cover page explains just how that happens. How a mere point, represented by a dot, becomes an existent being that can be observed, touched, felt, communicated and interacted with.

The descent of God’s knowledge was in the form of light of varying gradations, which implies that, it is the light waves that form the core of our consciousness. The spiritual knowledge of Sufi saints, a glimpse of which is given above, is inherent to every son and daughter of Adam. It flows like a river through our inner self.

To seek this knowledge all we need to do is divert our attention from the outer aspect of our existence to the inner. Those who get blessed with this knowledge, rise above the egoistic attributes of the base self. They see life through a totally different perspective where all beings are parts of one big universal family and are playing their respective roles as assigned by the Creator. They enjoy total inner contentment and profuse joy. They love all and spread the message of love to all.

Mr. Mudassir Azeemi presented flowers to the guest and thanked them for being a part of this years Adam Day Event.

The last segment of Adam Day was a musical performance by Mr. Kevin Pringle. Mr. Pringle had written a special song “Times are changing” for today’s event.

After the song Mr. Mudassir Azeemi thanked the audience and invited them for dinner.

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