Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


The inception of Adam Day began in 2003 in Manchester, UK by Mr. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, the Patron in Chief of the Azeemia Sufi Order. It is now celebrated throughout the world in various cities and countries, including Russia, Canada and the USA, on August 10th every year.

Purpose of Adam Day is to raise awareness that we are all the children of the same mother and father, Adam and Eve. Regardless of our religion or race, we all belong to the same family, we are all connected, and we are one. As brothers and sisters in humanity, we should have a sense of responsibility to embrace each other with kindness and love and create peace and harmony amongst ourselves.

Irrespective of faith or no faith, Adam Day aims to bring together caring and like-minded individuals despite the heartless times we live in. Adam Day enables us to help create peace and harmony in the present world between the followers of different beliefs, facilitating a dialogue whilst having respect for one another. Unity is of utmost importance for a society to live in peace and prosper. Adam Day provides a platform to promote peace and unity in society by encouraging people to come together and recognize the common beliefs and values they all have in common.