Unity in Diversity

The purpose of this event – Adam Day – is to re-introduce the concept of family and brotherhood of humanity.

The earth was there before Adam came into being. It was occupied by jinn (Genie), who used to dwell here in colonies. When Jinn (Genie) started to create mischief on earth and violence, murder and anarchy became widespread God decided to appoint Adam as his vicegerent on earth.

God created Adam and breathed His soul into him. God then taught Adam Knowledge of His Attributes and asked him to display this knowledge in front of angels to establish Adam’s superiority over them. The angels bowed down to Adam in recognition of this honor bestowed upon Adam by God.

Adam and Eve lived in paradise before they came onto this earth. Paradise is a place of total peace, bliss and serenity. It has lavish gardens, greenery and fountains of water. The flowers there are of innumerable colors with tantalizing beauty. Lights of many different types and color spread out from the petals of these flowers making the onlooker ecstatic and overwhelmed. Beautiful birds with sweet voices fly around from tree to tree adding to the beauty of the atmosphere.

Adam and Eve were told not to go near a particular tree lest they should become transgressors. They failed to keep to this directive of God. Discomfort, disease, disorder, worry and pain have no place in paradise. When Adam and Eve committed disobedience they lost their inner peace and became worried. And as paradise is not designed for such unhappy state of mind they became unworthy of living there and were transferred to this planet as a result.

Adam and Eve started living on this planet, had children and developed into a community. As the population increased the human race became divided in tribes and nations. Mutual conflicts developed leading to hostilities and wars making people forget they originated from one man and one woman and thus were one big family. This sense of family and brotherhood of man needs to be strongly emphasized in the current turbulent environment.

The purpose of this event – Adam Day – is to re-introduce the concept of family and brotherhood of humanity.

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