Adam Day 2022

Under the supervision of Azeemia Foundation California, the annual Adam Day 2022 event was held on Wednesday in the city of Sacramento this year. Mr. Mudassir Azeemi extended a warm welcome to the guests. The evening began with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Humdard Azeemi. Nida Azeemi recited verses of Bible, Humza Azeemi recited verses from Torah and Mubashir Azeemi recited verses from Vedas.

Mr. Arjumand Azeemi introduced the distinguished guest speakers and invited them to say a few words.

Mr. Mark. Jansson said that Adam was not alone in Eden, Eve was with him too. They are our parents. We can all trace our history back to them. Whether we are sisters, brothers, cousins, we are all related. Even though our parents couldn’t stay in the Garden of Eden, they brought with them the love of God to this earth, and the connection with Him, that remains to this day.

Ms. Yashvini Kamdar said that, “I am very passionate about giving back to the communities and helping our youth to be better citizens. I believe in violence free society. We as humans are here to support each other. Even if we don’t agree with everybody’s opinions, we should learn to listen, respect each other and grow together as a society.”

Mr. Ashok Shankar said that we need to think of all those ways that make us civilized, rather than to be pre-occupied with socially defined ways that make us different. Differences amongst us are socially created, that benefit some at the expense of others. We should think about what brings us together. Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of civilization, a testament of the most noble possibilities of the human race. It starts with each one of us and the choices we make everyday.  

The Chief Patron and Patriarch of Azeemia Foundation Hazrat Khwaja Shams Uddin Azeemi addressed the guests in his recorded message;

“Salaam to all. May God’s peace and blessings be upon you all. May God keep you all happy. The story of creation begins when God wanted to be known, so He created beings that may see Him, cognize Him through His attributes, and believe in Him as the One and Only Lord of all the worlds. Jinn were the first creation to inhabit this planet. Upon their disobedience of God’s laws, God created Adam. He breathed His spirit into him and transferred knowledge of the entire universe. God declared Adam as His deputy on earth. Adam and Eve were given full control by God over everything that existed in paradise, with only one warning, not to go near a particular tree. Adam and Eve failed to follow God’s command and were expelled from paradise.

The tree in question had the ability to change its colors continuously. From red to blue then green and so on. This display of changing colors tore down the pattern of certainty within Adam and Eve’s minds, and doubt took over. You can experience it for yourself by using bulbs of seven different colors. Switch on the bulbs one after another without intervals. Ask someone what was the last color he or she saw. The continual change of colors affects people’s perception of colors, resulting in uncertainty about color of the bulb.

Every color has its own particular characteristics and it makes a distinctive impression on human mind. Exposure to red color for long periods of time can cause mental disorder. Try this for instance. Fix your gaze on something, you should not blink, nor should your eyeballs move, within five minutes you will observe different colors and images of all sorts in your mind.

For your next exercise, place a white cardboard on a table and draw a tiny round spot made up of a shiny color. Sit away at a distance of three to four feet. Keeping that shiny spot at eye level, look at it without blinking. You will notice that the round spot is changing colors, not once but innumerable times. It will also change shape as well. One moment it appears to be a tree, next an animal or a star or something else. The moment you blink, your eyeballs or the pupils move, all the colors and shapes will disappear. With further practice, you will observe that the colored round spot disappears. After five minutes, note down your observations. This is the very first lesson of Sufi spiritual practices.

Please do this five minute exercise for 21 to 40 days. Remember, that you can’t blink while practicing. Write down your observations and email them to me. I will reply back to you. I am a spiritual person, my spiritual Sheikh, my mentor; my guru taught me this knowledge.

May God keep you all happy. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. Please convey my greetings to all your loved ones. Please pray for me that God makes it easy for me in my mission. Whatever my spiritual guide, my mentor, my guru has taught me, I may be able to pass it on to as many people as possible. Your prayers will be answered by the One and Only God, whatever name you may call Him by.”

Up next was Mr. Kevin Pringle, who entertained the audience with his song. Before dinner, the guest speakers were presented with flowers. Mr. Mudassir Azeemi said farewell to the audience and the evening came to its conclusion.

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