What Makes Us Human

Diverse crowd of people sit and picnic in an urban park

I had been pondering on the concept of oneness and the truth of our existence. What makes us Human? How are we different from other species that exist? I came to realize that we are human and different because we are born with a conscience that helps us reason and make judgments based on what is right or wrong. This conscience develops as we grow and mature, from our family upbringing, environment, culture, class and education.

What is important to note here is that although we are all human, we are different in many ways; from the color of our skin, the language and accent we speak in, our faith, our family lifestyle, our educational levels, the jobs we have, the country we live in, the state of our health to our likes and dislikes. It makes us unique as individuals.

However, regardless of all the differences we have, we all go through the same feelings and emotional states. These feelings are universal and they are what make us all human and one. These feelings connect us to each other in a way that cannot be explained through words. They unite us.

For example, we feel happiness, regardless of the situation and that makes us smile. We all go through this state of emotion. When we are happy, we feel at peace, like we have no worries. Imagine a time when you were happy. How was it? There is definitely a positive energy that exudes throughout the body. On the contrary, we all go through periods of sadness as well. Different situations and circumstances will make different people feel sad, but that emotion is felt amongst all. Imagine a time when you were sad. Did you cry? Did someone console you? Did you feel better after someone maybe gave you a hug or lent an ear to listen? The same goes with all other feelings such as anger, jealousy, greed, lust, pride, etc. Every person in the world goes through the same emotional states regardless of who they are.

As humans, we need to show compassion and tolerance towards each other. We need to be aware that we all have feelings that are the same. Nobody likes to feel sad, depressed, helpless, angry, scared, unsafe, insecure or worthless. All these feelings create negative energy and environments. As humans, we need to develop our conscience so we can reason and make those judgments and decisions that will help our fellow people. We need to show kindness and be courteous towards each other. By focusing on feelings, we can help each other to be better and in turn help the world be a better place for all. This is what makes us human!

By: Humma Arjumand Azeemi

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