The Common Bond

The chaos, disbelief and uncertainty in this era is due to differences amongst us. Differences create doubt and disruption. Stepping away from sectarianisms, race, arrogance and hatred will make us understand the message of brotherhood, love, tolerance and forgiveness taught by the messengers of divine namely Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham and Mohammed.

This world is a paradise. It’s a place of comfort and peace but our actions have made it otherwise.

None is superior than the other. We are children of the same parents, Adam and Eve. God has created us equal. Everyone comes to the world in a same way. Every child learns to walk with someone’s help. We are born in a world where everyone is dependent on the other in some fashion. That’s how societies are formed. We need each other to accomplish individual and collective goals.

God has given us the knowledge to choose between good and evil and has defined laws for us to follow. Being the children of Adam, it’s our responsibility that our actions towards one another should be free of hatred, racial bias and cultural differences. Treat all living beings with love, respect and kindness, live with harmony and help others to flourish in their lives.

We are all connected with the common bond of Adam and Eve. The message of Adam day is peace for all living beings.

Let’s make this world a happy place for generations to come.

By Shumaila Kashif Azeemi

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