Pastor Susan M. Strouse

Pastor Susan M. Strouse is a native of Pottstown, PA (near Philadelphia) and a graduate of Antioch University/Philadelphia (B.A. in Human Services) and the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg (Master of Divinity) She has previously served congregations in Buffalo, NY and Novato, CA. She has been at First United Lutheran Church in San Francisco since December 2004.

In 2005 she received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. Her area of study and interest is interfaith theology, particularly working with congregations and clergy to explore the meaning of being a Christian in our religiously diverse world. She is a member of the board of directors of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio and served as Interim Executive Director in 2011-2012.

Rev. Raymond Hess

Rev. Raymond Hess is a graduate of Stanford University and serves at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Elk Grove, CA.

Kevin Pringle

Born and raised in the East Bay Area of California, Kevin has always been exposed to, and immersed in the multi-cultural fabric of the region. After having met the Azeemis in 2010, he has been an active contributor to Adam Day events. An eternal student of Truth, Kevin has spent considerable time studying and exploring various paths.

He is a devotee of Dr. David R. Hawkins’ teachings, known as “Devotional Non duality”. Kevin is very passionate about Truth, art, music, and helping our fellow man navigate the path to healing and enlightenment. He is currently creating a graphic novel that is intended as a form of spiritual teaching and personal expression.

Rev. Will McGarvey

Rev. Will McGarvey served as pastor at Community Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg, CA, a PC (USA)-UCC congregation, for over 13 years. Will has long been active in Interfaith circles. He served on the Executive Committee of the ICCCC from 2004 to 2010. For the last five years he has served as a part-time Executive Director of the ICCCC. 

Gerard Cohen

Gerard Cohen is self-described as a young spirit with an old soul. Born and raised in Southern California. By day, Gerard works as a digital accessibility specialist, advocating to make applications and digital media accessible to people with disabilities.

David Marshak 

David Marshak is a retired software developer and systems expert who lives in Walnut Creek. He is active in his synagogue, the interfaith community, and the Princeton alumni community. He has been studying philosophy, history and the religions of the world since 1958. David represents Judaism.