The Common Bond

The chaos, disbelief and uncertainty in this era is due to differences amongst us. Differences create doubt and disruption. Stepping away from sectarianisms, race, arrogance and hatred will make us … Read More

What Makes Us Human

Diverse crowd of people sit and picnic in an urban park

I had been pondering on the concept of oneness and the truth of our existence. What makes us Human? How are we different from other species that exist? I came … Read More

Adam Day – Peace, Love, Tolerance

I have had the privilege to be a part of Adam Day from 2014, since its commencement in California. Its universal message of unity amongst mankind and promoting peace and … Read More

Unity in Diversity

The purpose of this event – Adam Day – is to re-introduce the concept of family and brotherhood of humanity. The earth was there before Adam came into being. It … Read More